Hillside Court Playground+
Hillside Court Playground+

Fall Line is a recently founded, SWaM Certified (Micro: #811685), landscape architecture firm centered around creative problem-solving. We take a pragmatic client-centric, goal-oriented approach to create dynamic landscapes. Careful attention is paid to the contextual nature of each project site, uncovering the unique tone and rhythm of each space.

Our design process explores ways to sculpt meaningful space for people to experience and enjoy. Budget and maintenance factor into our design process as these additional constraints clarifies thought. We rely on our understanding and appreciation of material, construction methods, and maintenance demands to effectively transform an idea from conception into existence. When projects call for additional consultants, we collaborate with each trade to ensure all facets of the design are covered. Clarity and accuracy is held to the highest throughout the entirety of our deliverables, recognizing that these serve as the contractual blue prints to allow the Contractor to bring the idea to life. During construction we maintain an in-depth level of communication with the Client and Contractor throughout the process, ensuring contractual obligations are met by the team, and solidifying design intent through physical completion.

The end result of our process is a high-functioning, well-built environment that resonates with all who experience the spaces in the years to come. As the landscape matures, we routinely visit past designs to verify successful design intent, design adaptably, and design flaws. In the case of flaws, we aim to understand the toll of weathering, human-use, maintenance stresses, and/or misconceived design decisions, informing future decisions. In short, we are committed to the immediate needs and goals of our Clients, while remaining respectful to how landscapes evolve to provide long term project viability.